Template to submit entry for a procedure

The clp invites you to submit an entry for any therapy procedure which is not already Accepted, Invited, or Being Edited in the Procedures list (provisional) and has been described in a peer-reviewed scientific publication.


The clp project aims to reduce confusion arising from the absence of a common language for psychotherapy procedures. Different people often use different terms to describe the same procedure and/or the same term to describe different procedures. A Task Force was therefore set up by the European and North American Associations of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy (EABCT & ABCT) to work towards a common language that is internationally accepted. Further psychotherapy associations representing diverse approaches have added their support. The clp project is developing an A-Z of psychotherapy procedures which can serve as a reference guide to encourage therapists from different schools to share the same terms to describe similar procedures (not theory) which they employ in their clinical practice. It aims to convey what therapists actually do, not why they do it. Adoption of a common language would lessen confusion and facilitate the progress of psychotherapy towards becoming a science.  


Below is a clp template for submitting an entry for a given procedure. Each entry aims to give therapists from any background a 'fly-on-the-wall' view of what therapists do when using that procedure. A 1st-draft submission of an entry for a procedure is edited iteratively until the Task Force can finally accept it. Such editing shapes A-Z entries into a shared form which  allows anyone to see at a glance what therapists do when applying that procedure.


If your submission, after editing, is finally accepted by the Task Force as an A-Z entry, your name will be highlighted in the A-Z as its originator.


For information not already in this email or its attachments or the clp website, please feel free to contact us at i.marks(at)iop.kcl.ac.uk and mafr(at)copc.es.  


We look forward to hearing from you.


      Isaac Marks, MD                 CLP Co-ordinating Editor.

      Miquel A. Fullana, PhD            CLP Deputy Co-ordinating Editor.





   (see list, and template used, in 'Accepted entries for procedures')

   (total length of entry 300 - 900 words including Case Illustration up to 450 words)

   (use Times New Roman font, 12 pitch)





Your name (in bold):


    phone number:

    email: (to avoid SPAM, your email address will not appear in final entry)






Related procedures:




1st use? (give only author & date here, and full reference under 'References' below) 



      (up to 4, including 1 for '1st use?' and 1, if any, for 'Case Illustration' below)

      (must be publicly accessible)


      (use References style of 'Examples of Accepted Entries' in website)

          for example, use Johns HR, Smith SE (2000)

          do not use Johns, H.R. and Smith, S.E. (2000)







Case illustration  (anonymised; up to 450 words)

   (author, & date if any – must be a real actual patient, not a hypothetical one)   

   (exclude any information that could lead to the patient being identified)



Thank you for writing your draft entry. Please complete the CHECKLIST below in order to speed editing


O         My entry is in Times New Roman font, 12 pitch


O         My total entry is less than 900 words long including the Case Illustration


O         My entry describes what a therapist actually does to carry out the procedure


O         My entry excludes theoretical discussion


O         My entry has 1 to 4 references, and all appear in the References section


O         My entry has no references in the sections Definition, Elements, Related procedures, Application, or body of the Case Illustration


O         My References style is like the example 'Johns HR, Smith SE (2000)'


O         My Case Illustration concerns a real patient and contains no information which could lead to that patient being identified


O         My Case Illustration is less than 450 words long



PLEASE SUBMIT to clp Task Force via i.marks(at)iop.kcl.ac.uk and mafr(at)copc.es